Whattaroll Magazine - Issue #4: Nostalgia

Finally, after a long wait, we are thrilled to welcome you to the Nostalgia issue of Whattaroll Magazine! We saw this volume as an exploration of how some of us feel compelled to creatively immortalize our memories from the distant and recent past. Aside from the brilliant photos submitted to us from around the world, this issue highlights the impressive work and thought-provoking insights shared to us by our featured artists Nadia Maria, Tuane Eggers, Satomi Sugiyama, and Natalie Yang.This issue is our last online edition before we go on print soon! It's available only through Selz, where we ask for small donations from our readers, the amount totally up to our generous donors. This is voluntary and you can still download the issue for free. The funds are necessary to cover the escalating costs of web hosting, maintenance, prize draws, and competitions.Without further ado, come and see what we have prepared for you in our Nostalgia issue!

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